Smoke Communiqué

You’re so loud
It’s just hot air coming out of your mouth
Bite your tongue
Or just cut it out for good
Haven’t you had enough?

Why do you get to say
Everything on your mind?
While I scream at the wall
Of stones that don’t know I’m right

You’re so dense
Thickest suit of paper armor I’ve seen
Full defense
Of some baseless claims that you read

I wish I could break your chamber of glass
Shatter your illusions of the future and the past
Raise my voice as a kick to the face
Put them dogs in their place


Why do you get to say?
Virulent and poisonous, your vitriol display
Why the hell is it then my mistake
To have come at you with something more than
Smoke communiqué?



Music and Lyrics by Austin Horn and Philip Dyszy