The Band

Seven Purple Tigers are Freiburg Germany’s indie rock act for the ages. Formed in 2015 by American frontman Austin Horn and German lead guitarist Philip Dyszy in Krakow, Poland, the quartet is launching into the scene with their own brand of high-energy, pop-infused indie rock music. Combining a unique sound with an exciting stage show, Seven Purple Tigers bring their A-game to both the stage and the studio.

Horn and Dyszy met through a student cover band while both studying on Erasmus in Krakow. While Horn had landed himself in the band through chance acquaintances, Dyszy had been scheming since his long before his arrival in Krakow to find musicians with whom to create the next big rock act. Their studies soon gave way to long hours of writing music when after the first practice Phil suggested the two work together outside of the cover band to form their own project. By December, 2015, a band called The P.A. System had been formed. While still gracing the stage with the ESN Band, the pair began writing original songs at an alarming rate in Phil’s riverside apartment.

Fast friends from the start, the duo began to craft a unique musical style combining their diverse set of influences, some shared and others novel. By the end of July, 2016, The P.A. System had written over 30 songs, and Horn and Dyszy, now bonded as brothers, had long since decided that the band ought to continue past the end of their year abroad. The only obstacle standing in their way was an inevitable year apart.

After Krakow ended, Phil returned to Germany and Austin to the states to finish out the last year of his university studies. Albeit with difficulty, the two continued writing songs together, exchanging ideas and keeping the band alive despite being an ocean apart. Throughout this time, both honed their musical skills so as to be better once reunited.

In August, 2017, Austin made his return to Europe, landing in Freiburg on the 17th. The pair immediately picked up right where they left of, playing open mics and beginning their search for bandmates to complete their original vision of a four-piece rock outfit. By November, they’d found Felix Schwer, former drummer of Raumlos, and Sebastian Heieck, a highly trained bassist from the hKDM and a member of numerous musical projects around Freiburg. The combination of Horn’s massive vocal range, Dyszy’s high-flying, unconventional guitar playing, Schwer’s thunderous drumming and Heieck’s melodic basslines was exactly the concoction the boys had been dreaming of for two years. They began rehearsing as a four-piece, packing out their long-awaited first concert at the now defunct Freigeist Bierbar in April of 2018.

The band continued performing throughout the summer as The P.A. System, landing gigs at the Come Together Festival and at ZMF in Freiburg. In August, the band came to a jarring discovery: someone had already released music under the name “The P.A. System.” Rather than fighting this, Horn and Dyszy decided it was a golden opportunity to change their name before heading into the studio in November.

After months of work and careful planning, Seven Purple Tigers was born. After playing their first concert under the new moniker in October, the Tigers geared up to record their debut album at Sport Studio in Freiburg. In November of 2018, Seven Purple Tigers recorded their 11 song album in just ten days, under the careful guidance of engineer Robert Pachaly. The album was released to the internet on July 7th, 2019 and is available for download and streaming on all major platforms.

Seven Purple Tigers seek to reinvigorate the indie rock world with driving force, powerful melodies, and a high-octane stage performance. The band is influenced by music of all varieties, and lists The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Foo Fighters, The Smiths and The Rolling Stones as some of their primary influences, along with such artists as LIVE, David Bowie and Jeff Buckley, and softer acts like Kings of Convenience and Jose Gonzales provide well-rounded inspiration. The result is a diverse catalogue of original music that keeps audiences on their toes throughout the night.

With such a wide range of influences and with their dedication to leaving it all on the stage, Seven Purple Tigers guarantee an exciting rock concert experience that has something for everyone to remember.

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