Middle of Something

Savor the moment, I’m about to finally score
It’s been so long, need a win
Now you’re knocking at my door
Sour all, the foreplay and the mood
You come once again to frustrate and bemuse

My head is foggy enough to blur
Without you barging in, why must it be
When I’m on the very cusp of something
Groundbreaking, original, fuck it all

Some people have no concept of
Walking in on the wrong moment, I don’t give a fuck now
About what you want, can you save it?
Can you hold it?
I’m conducting so many trains of thought
That one’s bound to derail, so it ain’t your turn to talk now
Don’t make a sound
I’m in the middle of something good

King of forgetting, fragile as a goldfish, I
Need to record all my disorganized thoughts
But you get there first, the bubble is burst, and I
Lose to the ether all that I rehearsed

I only ask you develop a
Proprietary sense, it’s only fair
What when you’d ask of me no less
You’re timing’s impeccable, what do you know?

Released: March 19, 2021
Music & Lyrics: Austin Horn & Philip Dyszy
Guitars: Philip Dyszy
Vocals, Organs: Austin Horn
Bass: Sebastian Heieck
Drums: Felix Schwer
Engineering & Production: Philip Dyszy & Austin Horn
Editing & Mixing: Daniel Priegnitz
Mastering: Robert Pachaly (RCP Mastering)