Why lie? It’s only me
Silent lullabies for clarity
The long night for dawn to arrive
Waiting to arise

It’s on the way, come away now
To color me inside and out
Fall away from all I’d do without

Light. A line. Alive. Alone…

To float in new space
Letting go of tethered weight
The hollow replaced
Feeling whole but not by fate
Setting alight
Eyes once dulled by crueler days
Unbearably light
O, to feel this way

Who can tell me off, it’s only my thoughts
Turned inside out and I’m finally
Over pains of doubt, so what do I do
Now with this clarity?

And this tethered weight, severed and gone
Turn, turn now to face
From night, the brightest of dawns
Head seated squarely upon…


Music and Lyrics by Austin Horn and Philip Dyszy