Animal Magnetism

Your animal magnetic pull
Well, who am I to resist being drawn to you in full?
This phase I’m going through
Oh, it ain’t nothing new
It’s just another misadventure
Guided on without a clue, your

Kisses bittersweet, you’re lying next to me
Oh, both enamored and confused with what my eyes have seen
So is it gonna be love? Do I want it to be?
Would I rather throw away the lock and leave you with the key?

Am I falling out or falling in?

Running blindly into darkened alleyways at night
The mugging of my better judgement near
Why don’t we copulate, don’t communicate, let’s
Blur the lines ‘til our pupils ache
Feelings growing ever more unclear

We’re too close
We’ve crossed the borderline
Oh, and trust for one another fades to gray
I’ll hold you in ‘til the weight becomes too much to bear
Then I’ll cut you loose, I’ll cut you away

Am I falling out or falling in?

Oh, you got a hold of me
The hook, the line, the sinker, suckered in
Love, love is not what’s meant for me
After all the little lies I’ve tried to spin

Am I falling out or falling in?


released May 15, 2021
Music and Lyrics by Austin Horn and Phil Dyszy
Lead and Backing Vocals, Synthesizers and Rhythm Guitars: Austin Horn
Lead and Rhythm Guitars, Bass and Backing Vocals: Phil Dyszy
Drums: Felix Schwer
Engineering and Production: Phil Dyszy and Austin Horn
Mixing and Editing: Daniel Priegnitz
Mastering: Robert Pachaly (RCP Mastering)
Cover Design: René Thoma
Cover Edit: Lucia Palacio Gutierrez

© 2021 Seven Purple Tigers GbR. All rights reserved
2021 Silver Bleach Records